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Leader Accessories Compound Hunting Bow review

“Leader accessories” is a prominent brand for fabricating high-quality bows. Now in this article, we will review the “Leader Accessories Compound Bow 50-70lbs 25″ – 31″ Archery Hunting Equipment” which is a right-handed bow, as well as the max speed of this bow, is 310 FPS. We will talk over the pros and cons and the details with the user review. If you are planning to buy a compound bow you are suggested to read this article carefully, which will help you to select the best one for you. So let’s start the leader accessories compound bow 50 70lbs review.

Leader Accessories Compound Hunting Bow review
Leader Accessories Compound Hunting Bow

Leader Accessories Compound Bow 50-70:

The bow is as lightweight as only 4.4 lbs though it is made of aluminum. The draw weight and length are 50-70 lbs and 25”-31” respectively. It can give the best possible results with a 30” carbon or aluminum arrow. The brace height is 7.5 inches with 70 to 80 percent let-off and originated from an aluminum riser.

The bow comes with a right-hand orientation. You can enjoy the simple adjustments of the string’s length and weight by an Allen Wrench.

This can be a great hunting tool for you as it is exceptionally easy to carry. You will have the great power to kill small to large size game animals with these ladder accessories compound bow. You can use it in all types of weather because the quality of the built materials is very satisfactory.

To achieve intense bow penetration, it has a 31.5” axle to axle length. To hunt the animals, it draws maximum energy to the draw.

Key Features:
  • Aluminum riser.
  • 50-70 pounds draw weight.
  • 25 inch to 31-inch Draw length.
  • Brace height is 7.5 inches.
  • 310 Feet per second maximum speed.
  • 4 pounds weight.
  • Exclusively designed for right-handed.
  • 75 to 80 % let off.
  • Best for 30-inch aluminum or carbon bows.

Good Side:

  • Simple design makes learning easy.
  • Good for beginners,
  • Adjustable strings.
  • Durable and sturdy body.
  • 1 year’s warranty.

Bad Side:

  • The only right-handed orientation.
  • The string would loosen after some shots
  • Need to adjust with an Allen wrench.
  • Add-ons are not up to the mark.
  • It can be heavy while adding the all included parts.


It is the best bow for hunting deer. Taking to the forest you will get a versatile performance from it. The sable structure makes it more durable so that it won’t be curved or cracked easily. The four pins ensure precision even at a distant location.


For the learners, it can be a good choice. As it is produced and manufactured for hunting, those who are learning hunting or at the beginner stage can be directly benefited from this. It can be a useful tool for learning the basics as well. Already we have mentioned that it produces 310 FPS speed, which is really a good key point in this price point.

Leader Accessories Compound Hunting Bow review
Leader Accessories Compound Hunting Bow review

The 80 percent let-off of this bow helps an arrow to sock up a significant amount of energy. So that the arrow can travel fast with high accuracy.

Adjustable string length allows you to take it up to 31 inches and you just need an Allen wrench to adjust and the sting can create 7 lbs of vitality. So what is the reason behind the high speed? Yes, the string is non-stretchable as well as delivers a significant amount of resistance, and it is the secret of the powerful shot.

Trouble-free simple shooting and vast impact along with the significant amount of vitality allow you to hut the large animals in a professional way. You will enjoy the accurate target hitting with the four pins indicating sights which helps you the exact arrow positioning.

You won’t be worried about the distance because with the bow you will be able to hit a dear of a distance from 20 yards to 40 yards. Thanks to the maintained draw weight and no added strain on the arms. You can reach 30 yards distance as well as 40 yards distance using 3rd and 4th pin.

Leader Accessories Compound Bow 50-70lbs 25" - 31" Archery Hunting Equipment with Max Speed 310fps, Right Handed
Leader Accessories Compound Bow 50-70lbs 25″ – 31″ Archery Hunting Equipment with Max Speed 310fps, Right Handed

The string will not be jammed as well as the draw cycle is very sleek. Well-built cams resist tension. So that the string energy is effectively passed to the arrow from the bow.

This bow is not sensitive to rain or excessive hit so that you can store it anywhere without any extra care. You may face a loosening string after some hit but it can be adjusted. Replacement is needed but only one time in a year.


Though we have already mentioned that it can be a good choice for beginners but one thing should be clear that they can feel that it is heavier. You need to tighten the sting regularly which can be considered a drawback.

Final Words:

Finally, we can recommend it as a reliable and powerful bow because of the smoothness of the draw. You will get stable and sturdy products that are very easy to grip as well as handy to use. You will enjoy the long-distance shots with 310 fps. This Leader accessories compound bow 50 70lbs review will help you to make the purchase decisions.

The transformation of energy from the bow to the arrow is so powerful that hitting an animal will be more accurate. The 30-inch arrows are recommended to get a strong shot.

Though you may face some issues with the sting but still in this price range it is a good choice from beginners to professionals.

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