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Coyote hunting with bow – Tips, Tricks and Secrets

Are you looking for a challenge in the bow season? Try coyote hunting. but It is not an easy task and they are most difficult to kill, especially while using a bow.

There are some tips and tricks to hunt coyotes with a bow and arrow. And those are different for days and nights.

Type of bow and equipment you should use for hunting coyotes.

Arrow Type: We recommend you to use the same arrow you have used for deer hunting. But if you are searching for an arrow for a coyote we would recommend you use a faster arrow.

Bow bipod: Using a bow bipod helps to keep your bow handy and stable. It will make the position and minimize the movements while getting ready to shoot. Not only for coyote hunting rather it is vital equipment for any kind of hunting.

Coyote Hunting with BowLaser Range Finders: We recommend you to use a laser rangefinder like the Nikon Pro Staff 440 to get the ranges to nearby objects. It will increase your ability to guess when the coyote is incoming.

Good broad heads like the Grim Reaper: Using good broad heads will help to put down the predators quickly. Additionally, they fly with perfect accuracy and can hit the animal on both sides.

Scent Killer: Being scent-free is essential for coyote hunting. The coyotes have an unbelievable ability to pick up your scent. Try to control the scent at the best possible level to be more successful. Using scent control products can help you a lot. Popular brands like WRC provide good scent killers.

Use the correct lure: The correct lure will attract the coyote and increase the success in your favor. The smell of your setup will be more realistic to the coyote’s nose. To attract the coyote best possible near to your hunting setup.

Additionally, to become more successful in coyote hunting with a bow we recommend you use pro ears to increase the ability of hearing.

Hunting during the daytime allows you to have maximum visibility, but you should be totally concealed when using a bow and arrow. Coyote hunting with bow largely depends on the clear view and how close you can reach to the coyote. One of the hardest challenges is to reach the very close, usually within 30 yards, which is the maximum range for an accurate and perfect bow kill. In the daytime, you have maximum visibility and you can see any obstacles between you and the target and it is easy to avoid.

But unfortunately, the coyote does not move much during the day like at night. They are natural hunters and they like to hunt at night.

Coyote hunting at night time you will face some problems such as you won’t be able to see the obstacles perfectly like trees, branches, and fences. So, it is necessary to get a clear shooting lane, as well as you need to judge the distance perfectly which is much easier at daytime. To solve the night sight problem, you should use lighted sight pins which helps to determine the target perfectly at the night time.Coyote hunting with bow Tips Tricks and Secrets

Some secrets of coyote hunting with bow:

Here is the summary of the procedures, tips and tricks of hunting coyotes with bow. 

Fool their ears: To get the coyotes in the arrow range use your remote caller. It will attract the coyotes to your arrow range. To get the success you should learn how to set up a remote caller for the coyotes.

Fool their Eyes: Your remote caller may bring the coyotes in the arrow range but using a decoy will attract them in the arrow range. Coyotes like rabbits, birds. The decoy with electric jumping and moving will make the coyotes more curious. So try to fool their eyes if you want to be successful in the coyote hunting with your bow.

Fool their Nose: It is difficult to fool their nose because the coyote has an unbelievable sense of smell. To avoid making them alert, use Scent killer as well as use lure so that they become confused.

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