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How high should a tree stand be for bow hunting: Quick tips and Safety Guideline

Tree stand placement is a common puzzle for many hunters. While setting up a tree stand hunters should admit some points on the mind. Tree stand height is one of them. A common question is how high should a tree stand be for bow hunting? It is a complicated topic, in this article, you will find the answer to your question depending on the various situations.

This is a confusing topic because there is no right answer for every scenario. However, if you consider several things, it will help you to make the best decision and choice for your hunting location as well as those that will help you in the most situations when placing your tree stand.

How high should a tree stand be for bow hunting

The type of tree you choose for hanging the tree stand has a big role.

If you want to hang your tree stand lower you should choose pines or cedar trees, additionally if you can find them with low hanging branches that will give you enough natural cover.

You just need to think about whether there are sufficient shooting lances where you expect the deer to be moving. 

In case of a bigger tree with no lower hanging branch to cover you should place the stand higher. 20 feet might be a benchmark usually used by hunters. It will help you to get up high enough to be out of the direct line of any deer as well as it is not so high to feel hard to climb,  setting up the tree stand and getting into it safely. 

Using a climber might give you a limited option to reach higher. You can not reach above the branches of trees with the climbing tree stand. Tree stand climbers are also a problem for zig-zag trees. It can be an obstacle as well.

Generally, the higher is better. If you make a lot of movement a deer might notice you in the tree stand. That is why maximum hunters prefer to be up around 25 to 30 feet which are the height you are away from a deer’s line of sight. So, if you need to move for adjustments or others reasons it will not make the deer conscious. 

One problem of this height is you need to compensate for the shot angle in the time of the shot, however, you can overcome this problem with little extra practice from an elevated position.

How high should a tree stand be for bow hunting is a common question from a lot of hunters? and now you know the answers to both situations. Additionally, some general practice will help in every situation of placing a tree stand.

  • In most cases without limiting your shooting opportunities place the tree stand as high as possible. It will give you a wide vision and your scent will upper their nose level.
  • Remember about the sun, keep the sun behind you, which will naturally help you to hide from deers and will give you a clear view for hunting.
  • Choose a tree that is easy to climb. You should not alert the deers while climbing the trees.

Climbing a tree stand may give you the advantages of hunting but be aware of some risk of using it.

Safety First

We recommend you to use a safety harness system to ensure your safety. While you are hanging in the tree stand and climbing into the tree you can use this safety material from any brand.

Make sure there is a safety strap, which will secure your harness with a tree while you are shooting at your aim. The strap of The safety system is a lifeline. Several companies sell these ropes and you need to buy around 30 feet in length. The rope can be slided up and down as you climb. It is specially designed like that, it will slide only when it has no weight. But catches if weight or force is detected. In the event of a fall, this will catch you because the force is applied. It will ensure the ultimate safety if you connect is to a tree all the time of your climbing. 

So finally we know how high should a tree stand be for bow hunting as well as some safety guidelines. Hopefully, these tips will help you while bow hunting with your tree stands.

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