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How to make a bow and arrow for hunting using PVC pipe and wood

The bow and arrow are the most popular and oldest tools used for hunting. If you want to hunt with the bow and arrow, you must be familiar with the equipment that can be bought from the sporting stores. You will find those little expensive. The good news is you can create your own bow and arrow within a short time at your home by spending a small number of bucks.

How to make a bow and arrow for hunting using PVC pipe and woodWe are going to explain how to make a bow and arrow for hunting using PVC pipe and wood. You are in the right place if you want to learn it.

You will build two pieces of equipment such as a bow and some arrows. The bow can be made from PVC pipe and wood. We will explain both so that you can make them if you can manage any of them from your nearest shop.

At first, we will give you the tutorial about how to make a bow, and later we will discuss how to make the arrow.

Let’s start with a wooden one. How to make a bow from wood?

Step 1:

The materials you need to gather:

  • Hand axe
  • Machete
  • Draw knife
  • Wood rasp
  • Carpenters pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Straight edge
  • Bowstring

Step 2:

Find a tree or branch of a tree about  4 inches in diameter. It is important to select the right tree. Although a hunting bow can be built from any tree, before selecting have a look for smooth and a straight one.

Step 3:

Cut down the tree with a handsaw or a chainsaw, have a six-foot-long straightest section. Keep the piece of wood in a dry place for six months so that the wood can dry out.

Step 4:

With a drawknife, peel off the bark of the wood. A draw knife is a good hand tool for skinning bark. It is also used for roughing off corners. Wearing gloves will protect your hand in case of an accident.

Step 5:

Your bow should be long about 68 inches. Look for the cleanest and straightest side of the wood without any signs of rot or weakness. After finding the perfect area of that 68 inches use a thick carpenters pencil to mark where you need to cut.

Step 6:

With the machete and a hatchet, cut the wood about ½ inch thick from top to bottom but in the middle leave a 4-6 inch long section for the handle which will be 2 inches thick. You should use a wood rasp with small teeth to smooth out the wood as well as it will help to shape the limbs to the appropriate thickness.

Step 7:

It is an important step. You need to test the bending ability of the limbs. Place it on the floor and give a gentle pressure in the middle, you can use your foot for this operation. The limb should bend consistently. Go slow and give pressure, remember here you are just testing the flexibility so if the limb refuses to bend enough up to half circle leave it and scrape away more wood to make the limb weaken. Never give extra pressure which will break the limb.

Step 8:

After successfully completing step 8 now it is time to create the notch at both ends that will hold the string or paracord. At both ends of the bow, the limb cut a notch about 1 inch deep.

Try to create the angle of the notches toward you to secure the string while using the bow.

Step 9:

Through the notches tie a string. Tie off at the one end, bend the limbs up to less than a semicircle, and in this position tie off the other side with the string. Leave enough tension so that it can snap when you pull it.

Congratulations!  it is ready to try out.  You have just created your own bow with the wood.

Now we will discuss how to make a bow with PVC pipe if you don’t have wood or don’t want to use the wood.

How to make a bow and arrow for hunting using PVC pipe?

How to make a bow and arrow for hunting using PVC pipe and woodThe materials you need to collect:

  • 3⁄4 inch diameter (1.9 cm) PVC pipe (62 inches long)
  • 1 inch diameter (2.5 cm) PVC pipe (12 inches long )
  • 1⁄2 inch diameter (1.3 cm) PVC pipe (2–4 inches long)
  • 550 paracord 1⁄2 inch thick, 62 inches (160 cm)
  • Saw
  • Rubber mallet
  • Electrical tape
  • Tape measure
  • Paint

Step 1:
Take the ¾ inch pipe and make it a piece of 62 inches long with a pipe cutter or multi-tool saw.

Step 2:
Take the ½ inch pipe and make it two pieces of 4 inches long.  Insert one piece in the one side of the 62-inch long ¾  inch pipe. Use a rubber mallet hammer to insert. Maybe it will take a lot of force because it will be a tight squeeze. Force it until it enters up to the end. Do the same for the other pieces to another size of the long pipe.

Step 3:
To create the grip cut the 1-inch pipe down the middle and it will be 12 inches long. After cutting the pipe, place it in the middle of the main bow. You need to use electric tape to secure it. Do some overlapping so that it becomes a lot of sturdy.

Step 4:
Use scissors to cut the paracord. You will need about 62 inches long to tie so try to take 2 or 3 inches long from the exact size so that you get extra comfort while tying up.  To increase the longevity of the paracord use flame to seal off both ends.

Step 5:
Make a grove with a hacksaw at both ends of the bow where you will tie the paracord. Do not make it deep more than ½ inch. It will help the paracord to not slip out.

Step 6:
In the grove, make a knot with a side of the cord and slip until it becomes secure. And do the same for the other side. Remember to leave enough tension in the string so that you can pull.

Step 7:
To finish the look and protect the paracord use the PVC caps and place those on both sides. do not use glue to remove it in case you need to restring the bow.

Step 8:
Your bow is almost ready. Use your favorite color to decorate it. Just pain the bow, do paint the paracord and the caps.

Now you know how to make a bow with wood and PVC, but a bow is nothing without an arrow, It is time to make the arrow.

You will need:

  • Stick
  • Whittling knife
  • Arrowhead
  • Feathers
  • Knife

Step 1:
Find a straight stick that is dry and dead. Your arrow should behalf as long as your bow. Do not take green woods.

Step 2:
Use a whittling knife to smooth around the circumference of the arrow. Gentry heating the shaft over the coals can also make your arrow straighten. Do not burn or scorch.

Step 3:
Make a one-centimeter notch at the tip to attach the arrowhead

Step 4:
You can use metal, stone, glass, or bone for the arrowhead.  We recommend using metal so that you can transform it easily into a chip with a small rock or hammer. It will be one inch long and half-inch wide and it will be a small triangle. Just enter the bottom part in the notch and tie with some sort of string. The pointy part will be open to hitting your target.

Step 5:
Find some feathers and divide those in the middle with a cutter. And tie them in the bottom of the arrow, you could split the arrow and slide the feather in and warm with some electric tape.

Remember if you can’t find some feathers, still, you can use the arrow but those feathers improve the arrow’s flight.

Now the arrow is ready to use. Repeat the process and make as much as you need.

We hope you will be able to build your own bow and arrow by following the steps we have mentioned. This is the easiest but effective way to make a bow and arrow for hunting. Leave a comment if you have any questions related to how to make a bow and arrow for hunting.

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