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Learn How to Bow Hunt | Beginner’s Guide

Even Bow hunting is challenging for the best huntsman, but it is more rewarding. Learning Bow hunt was more complicated or time-consuming in the past decades. Nowadays it is easier with modern archery equipment. By reading this article, you will know every detail about how to get started. So with these tips on bow hunting, learn to bow hunt or sharpen your skill and be sure to be prepared within two or three weeks.

Learn How to Bow Hunt | Beginner’s Guide

But remember different countries have different regulations that must be followed. The rules and regulations can be varied in the same country depending on states and provinces. Be sure to learn all of the necessary legal information for hunting before you decide to hunt.  

without proper practicing and study, bow hunting can be destructive. To start outright it is your responsibility as a soon-to-be bowhunter. Here is the entire process of how to go.

Choosing a Bow:

The traditional longbow which is made from wood and recurve bow is not easy to use. We strongly advise starting with a compound bow. This type of bows is much easier than those. With a little practice and a short time, you will gain the skill with a compound bow. In a couple of weeks, you will be able to shoot a bow, as well as compound bows, which are more accurate compared with traditional bows with better distance and velocity. As a beginner to reduce the cost you can buy a used bow that can be easily found in the local sporting goods shop.

Choosing a Bow
Use your left and right eye for aiming (by closing another eye), and determine which is more comfortable.

Bows come in two versions, right-handed and left-handed. Using your dominant eye is a good idea to determine the orientation. Don’t use your dominant hand. Use your left and right eye for aiming (by closing another eye), and determine which is more comfortable. If the left eye gives more comfort buy the left-handed bow and buy right-handed bow if it is the right eye. If you can fire with both eyes open you can choose both orientations.

In the shop, if you ask for a bow first they will measure your draw length while holding a bow and then they will have you pull a few bows which will help them to find out your draw weight.

Make sure to buy those bows which are legal to use for hunting and meet all requirements and permit limitations.

Choose the appropriate arrows:

Aluminum, carbon, aluminum with a carbon core, and carbon wrapped an aluminum core – these four types of arrow used with a compound bow. Durability and lightweight depend on the carbon variety of an arrow. Lightweight arrows will help you to travel faster but aluminum arrows which are a little bit heavy work better with broadheads. Broadhead is a point that can be attached to the top of your arrow.

Choose the appropriate arrows
To learn to bow hunt, We suggest carbon fiber arrows such as carbon express or Easton.

There are several factors that should be counted while choosing an arrow. At the beginner level, it won’t be easy to choose the perfect one. You can seek advice from an expert or ask the archery shop about the best arrow that fits you.

To learn to bow hunt, We suggest carbon fiber arrows such as carbon express or Easton.


Bow shops will try to sell a lot of accessories, but remember all of those are not essential. Some accessories you have to buy must. some are optional and some that you don’t need.

For the must: you will need an arrow rest which is a shoulder of metal used on bows to support the arrow while fixing the target. You need to buy field points that are aerodynamically designed for the best arrow flight as well as gain weights for turning the arrows. A mechanical release aid is a device that helps to fire arrows by using a trigger rather than the archer’s fingers. So you need to buy this item as a beginner. A bow sight is a must-have accessory which is a device that helps you to aim. And a peep sight allows the shooter an adequate line of sight between eye, the pin, and the target.

A Stabilizer, case, and a target are the optional accessories and you do not need to buy a wrist sling or additional devices for sound absorbing.

Bow Sight:

We know that bow sight is a must-have accessory if you are a beginner. Bow hunting is plain and simple with accuracy. Bow sight will help to improve the accuracy you need. There are a lot of bow sights available with different styles. We recommend you to buy a five-pin hunting style sight. And remember to buy it with “micro-adjustments”. Without micro-adjustments knobs, a bow sight will be less expensive but it helps a lot and saves time while zeroing your sight.

Draw Bow:

How to Learn Bow Hunt
Practice will help you to learn to bow hunt

Now you have bow, arrows, and accessories, it is the time to practice, and time to learn how to draw the bow. Push your bow arm toward the target but don’t lock your elbow for some bend. Pull the string back with your release hand across your chest. Release hand elbow should point back and up toward the sky as drawing. Try to use your back muscle and shoulder together.

Choosing the right bow, arrows, accessories, and more practice will help you to learn to bow hunt within a couple of weeks.  We hope this article will help you to choose the right bow and arrows for you which are essential to start learning the bow hunt.

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