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Seven types of hunting bows for beginners

When you set your mind to go out hunting with a bow, you should study all the essential information about the bow and which types of hunting bows available in the market that is best for you as there are various types of hunting bows available in the sports shops. You can be professional or newcomer, but it is essential to know which type of bows is perfect for you to become victorious.

In this article, we will discuss some sort of bows available with their abilities and obstacles, so that you can easily choose which one is perfect for you.

So let’s start.

types of hunting bows

Types of hunting bows we have discussed:

  • Recurve Bows
  • Compound Bows
  • Takedown Bow
  • Longbows
  • Yumi Bows
  • Reflex Bows
  • Crossbows


Recurve Bows:

In a recurve bow the center of the curves of the limbs towards the archer. The end of the limbs stays far from the archer. For this design, it can store more energy and can deliver energy more efficiently. It is a great bow for starting bow hunting. When a novice gets skilled with the recurve bow additional features can be easily added in this bow. In the bow shop, various types of advanced recurve bows are available which are more expensive and good for competitive archers. If you want to buy a traditional bow go for the recurve bow as it was invented in the eighth century BC. Samick Sage is a popular hunting bow available on amazon which is perfect for beginners.

Compound Bows:

In a compound bow, you will find pulleys, cables, and cams that are mechanically operated to help the archers hold heavy draw weights. Generally, compound bows are lightweight and provide accurate speed. The limbs of this bow are more powerful than other bows which help the shooter to increase speed and accuracy with less energy. Although these bows are easy to use but difficult to choose for their different sizes, styles, and configurations. So if you want to buy a compound bow you need to determine your requirements first. Sometimes you will find the compound is very complex if you are a newbie. And it is harder to travel with a compound bow. Crosman Elkhorn Jr., PREDATOR ARCHERY Raptor are some popular crossbows you can choose for yourself.

Takedown Bow

As you know about the recurve bow, takedown bow is an upgraded version of the recurve bow where the limbs can be separated for easy upgrades and storage.  It is also comfortable to transport. The central part of the limbs is made from the wood and the risers are made from alloy, carbon, or aluminum. The advantage of the takedown bow is easily disassembled if you need to store or transport. As well as the broken part can be easily replaced for a low can customize the draw weights according to your needs by changing the limbs.


A longbow is a very uncomplicated bow. which is made from a curved piece of wood but the specialty is the height of the bow is the same as the archer. That’s why it is called a longbow.  Arrow rest or sights are absent here as well as these bows don’t have the great speed like other bows. It will give you a historical feel because it is one of the oldest bows from 1298. It is beginner-friendly and gives an easier release. You will feel a lot of adjusting trouble and less speed and mobility in longbows and it can’t be used everywhere you need. To have a look at the traditional longbow check 55/60lb 71″ Traditional Hickory Longbow in amazon.

Yumi Bows:

Yumi bows are known as a Japanese bow. In Japan, it is called Kyudo. It is long and usually taller than the archer and that is basically made from bamboo and wood. Now there are different types of yumi bows available, one of those is synthetic yumi which is made from carbon fiber. The second one is the lacquered yumi and the third one is authentic bamboo yumi. The last one is more expensive but it is widely used today. The string of the traditional yumi is made from hemp although modern yumi has the string made from synthetic materials such as kevlar.

types of hunting bows

Reflex Bows:

The curved arm of a reflex bow face away from the archer. While the strings of the body part of the reflex bow bend into the shape of C. A reflex bow is a small bow that has a long and high draw length and draws weight. For this shape, this bow can be triggered at a greater speed than other bows.

In Korea, turkey and Indian traditional archers still use the highly reflexed composite bows. The drawback of the reflex bow is in some cases it requires special methods of bracing and strings or tools such as a bracing board.


A long time ago the military used crossbows during wartime. Which proves how old a crossbow is. In present times, crossbows are used for various hunting activities and games . in this bow a limb assembly mounted. and that stock shot projectile which is called quarrels/bolts.

The draw length of this bow is smaller than a bow we regularly use. Although the draw weight of a crossbow is heavy, the stock of the power is low. A lot of people do not recognize hunting with a crossbow as bow hunting because it is easy to use.

Keeping the crossbow at the full does not require any energy or effort from the hunter which is really an advantage of crossbow at the same time crossbows are significantly heavier than a

compound bow, compound bows have a weighted neighborhood of 3-4 pounds but a typical crossbow has a weight around 6-7 pounds which makes a crossbow more difficult to carry.

Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow from BARNETT is the most popular crossbow that can be a good choice for beginners.

This article will help you to know exactly what you want when you are ready to choose a bow for bowhunting from different types of hunting bows. If you are a beginner you should go for a compound or crossbow which will give you some benefits. For the physical challenge, the longbow or a recurve bow will be a better option.

No matter what type of bow you choose, remember that hunting is a rewarding activity and it gives more natural feels if you use a bow for hunting.


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