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Bow Hunting Season in Ohio

Hunting is great fun and in Ohio, whitetail bow hunting season starts at the end of September. So, the traditional hunter family knows everyone will not get the chance of hunting deer. So here we will discuss some key points and information about Ohio bow hunting. A detailed article about deer season in Ohio.

The population of whitetail deer in Ohio is well managed, so here you should not be a word about the environmental impact. According to the record, bow hunters harvested 88,106 deers and for the seventh year, they have harvested more deer than during the gun week.

Bow Hunting Season in Ohio

Hunting season regulations in Ohio:

Rules are important for the environment, before hunting whitetail in Ohio you need to learn the rules and regulations as well as have to make sure that you have a hunting license and deer tags. You will find those online.

The ODNR (Ohio Department of Natural Resources) has placed the rules including hunting hours and the limit of bags. If you have a license you can hunt up to six deer this year, but for the antlered white deer, it is still one per season.

You will get opportunities to hunt one, two, three, four deer in a season in different states, you can take a tour so that you can fill up your hunting desire and explore some public hunting lands outside of people’s range. You have the full deer season to do that, so enjoy!

Hunting season regulations in Ohio

You may think about what is necessary of the rules but it is to ensure the fit population of deer. Ohio’s deer management wants a stable population of deer. After the end of last year, there was the second-highest number of harvested deer on record.

Why OHIO for bow hunting:

In recent years a number of big bucks have been spotted by the hunters here. As well as the opportunity is great here to hunt a bigger one. Ohio bow hunters get an excellent chance to fulfill their freezer with some quality deer.

Some best places to hunt deer in Ohio:

Different bow hunters have different ways to hunt deer. Some like to hunt with tree stands whereas some like to hunt blind with walking distance. In Ohio, there are some magical spots that help you to find out big and mature whitetails like magic. You will get the list and statistics on the state online by the ONDR publishers.

Lawrence County

With more than 82000 acres of public land, the Lawrence country is the number one destination for bow hunters. You will find it in the south-eastern corner of Ohio. In 2019 1500 deer were produced here in Lawrence country. This mount makes it a central spot for hunting good-quality deer.

Why OHIO for bow hunting

Coshocton County

One of the most deer-productive areas in the state is Coshocton County. It is the largest single area for hunting in this state. It has ranked number 1 position for both longbow and cross hunting for two years.

Scioto County

In the western part of the county, it is an impressive point for hunting whitetails. More than 4000 whitetails were harvested here in the deer season of 2019. If you are searching for a great hunting space without crowds, it is only for you.

Licking County

To hunt here you need to arrange some permission from the landowners, but if you can manage, it’s worth it to hunt deer here. Of course, it is a piece of good news for you.

So, Are you ready?

Every county is a hot spot for deer hunting.  Ohio bow hunting allows you easier access and big whitetails, Ohio is a great state for deer hunters. We wish you will reveal the opportunity to hunt the deer’s in Ohio. So read the regulations, find your favorite place, and enjoy all your works. Check out more at “2020-21 Ohio hunting season approved by wildlife council

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