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Bow hunting in the rain | Should you take the chance?

Rain can provide you some supplementary advantages to Bow hunting in the rain. Heavy rain and thunderstorms discourage the movements of the animals. High wind can also do that. Though light rain doesn’t modify the movements of animals, It can also be rewarding for you. The sound of rain allows you to move or draw your bow at the animal’s point at a blank range as the sound of your movement is covered by the steady rain.

Bow hunting in the rain

Rain helps to hide the smell which makes them alert. As well as the wet ground wet leaves make no noise which makes your movements undetected.

So here the benefits of bow hunting in the rain:

Different people have different ideas about rain, but here we are going to describe the favor of rain while bow hunting. Rain can help you such as the way to present the bucks in front of you on their feet earlier than their usual time. As well as during the legal shooting hours a deer can move if it rains. After the rainstorm, it will be easy to you to conceal yourself from the eyesight of a whitetail which only possible in the nighttime in regular weather.  The trail cameras confirmed it to me. After a rain, whitetails come by their feet. Sometime after the rainstorm the sky becomes clear and the sun again gives the light before dark, bucks’ movements can be limited but for the barometric situation, they feel goods to move on.Bow Hunting in the rain

Rain kills the scent naturally as well as it washes all the detection of your existence. Deer won’t consider the scent of you as a warning because already it has thinned by the rain. It is also a good silencer. You can move closer to the deer because there is no sound of your step as there all the leaves are wet on the surface.

A lot of hunters do not do anything in the rainstorm because they do not want to be shocked by the rain. As well as it will not give a comfortable feeling sitting on the tree stand in the rain. Though rain gear can help a lot.

So most of the time deer feel good to move on their feet after a rainstorm. So you can take the chances too.

Problems of bow hunting in the rain:
Here, we have covered all the benefits of bow hunting in the rain, but you can face several issues such as your visibility can be shorted by the rain, as well as you may need to keep some extra hunting gears such as dry socks with you so that you can use those after the rain stopped.

Some tips you should know while bow hunting in the rain:

Waxing the gears:

So it will be a wise decision to wax your hunting gear because the rainwater can expose the sensitive parts of your hunting gear such as the bow. Wax will help to prevent soaking as well as it can help to shoot accurately. You can use the waxing method all the time without the rainy season.

Practicing in the rain:

After knowing the benefits of the rain you may eagerly wait for the hunting in the rain, but wait, without practice, you can be completely failed. So we recommend you to practice in the rain to get the full benefits of the bad weather.

Look at the weather forecast:

Weather is unpredictable. So remember to follow the forecast to be sure that there might be some rain while you are staying there. Maybe you will go there after checking that there will occur, but the situation can be worse such as you may face a tornado or any other natural hazard which can harm you. So check and think twice before hunting in the rain.

Do not use high location:

We do not recommend you to hunt in the rain while lighting. It can be a big threat for you, if you choose a higher position it can also be dangerous for you while lightening.

Dressed for the occasion:

To prevent too much soaking we recommend you to wear a water-resistant jacket. sometimes the rain comes with high wind and chili weather so you should be prepared because the situation can be worst if you be wet and cold at the same time. So choose your dress before hunting in the rain.

Bowhunting in the rain: ethical or not?

Some hunter thinks that it can be unethical as the blood train will be washed out. But some other natural conditions such as snow as well as the high wind can be also an issue for you. Because the snow and stir up the leaves are enough to cover any blood trail.

There are some other events where the blood trail can be washed completely, so it should not be unethical to hunt in the rain.

Final words:

You and I can hate the rain because it makes our movements slower. But it is not the same for the deer, they move in the rain also, because they consider it as a part of nature. They find food, as well as they, move for breeding no matter if it is raining or not. So, you can take the opportunity of the rain which can help you to hunt a bigger one. We hope this article is going to help to make a decision that should you go hunting in the rain or not.

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